Blogging can, at times, feel like a selfish pursuit. We blog because we enjoy the act, take pleasure from expressing ourselves or feel that we have something relevant to say. We don’t necessarily assume that people will read, but if they do we are delighted and we blog more, bolstered with the confidence that comes from having a supportive audience.

There are so many stories out there to be told, and whilst many of us use a blog as an outlet, sometimes those stories are best told elsewhere, where we can’t be recognised, and where we can speak without wondering what people will think of us.

Within a small group of like-minded bloggers, we started thinking about how we could support people who wanted advice, support or even just to find relief and release, in an anonymous fashion. We’ve learned that there are times when people wanted to talk in confidence but felt unable to do so, convinced that others would somehow recognise them despite efforts to conceal identities. Our research brought us to a collective of blogs, all sharing the same ideology.

And so Blognonymous™ was born. Right here, we have opened our blogs to you, to post anonymously, as and when you feel the need.

We can guarantee confidentiality, a sounding board, a blank page for your words and, if necessary an introduction and conclusion with links or signposts to places where others can find further information or support. You can have comments on or off, seek help or get things off your chest which you might not be able to do on your own blog, should you have one. We do not even discuss identities across the team; whomever you choose to post with, only that person will know.

There are a number of blogs available, with a good range of readership and atmospheres. If you’ve got a story to tell and nowhere that you feel able to tell it, feel free to pick one of our blogs where you feel comfortable and get in touch.

Paula at Battling On
Jay at Mocha Beanie Mummy
Nickie at Typecast
Emily at Mummy Limited
Bumbling at Bumbling Along (some of our bloggers are anonymous too!)
Sandy at Parent Confidential

We are also on twtter; follow please follow us and tell your friends – we really appreciate your support.

If you would like to show your support, then you are more than welcome to download a supporters badge to put on your blog, which we would very much appreciate! Your badge looks like this:

blognonymous™ supporter

And you can use this code to add it to your side bar, which will link back to the Blognonymous page on my blog.

Amended this post to attach a smaller badge:

Blognonymous Supporter small

And here is the code for this one:

If you’re confident with code, you are of course welcome to change the address to any of the other 5 Blognonymous ladies. Thank you in advance for all your support; we hope we can make a difference and help someone out there.

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