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Maclaren “Triumph” Stroller

Dear Maclaren Baby UK


The End.


…ok, ok. I’d been harping on to D about a decent sized, not-gonna-break-my-back/bank stroller for quite some time. I’ve used a Pliko Pramette from Mamas & Papas and also the Quinny Buzz 4 for quite some time – both were killing me. They were heavy, cumbersome, bulky – just everything I didn’t want in a pushchair. My back and pelvis are still significantly weakened from both pregnancies, and hoiking around whopping great pushchairs was not helping at all.

In my search for a new one, I read loads of review and could find nothing I liked. Twitter gave me all number of mixed opinions and I felt close to tearing my hair out. And then got in touch with me via twitter and STRONGLY suggested I try out the Triumph, which they sent to me for free, along with some brilliant ““exercises on their baby channel. We received the pushchair in “charcoal grey”, and as shown above, Isaac was very comfortable in it from the second I got it out the box. Actually, he just climbed in it himself and refused to get out.

Here’s part one of the vlog, telling you what we think…

Maclaren Triumph Review Pt1 from jay on Vimeo.

And here’s part two -

Maclaren Triumph Review Pt2 from jay on Vimeo.

(I’m out of breath because it was damn near freezing)

Maclaren, I cannot thank you enough. It’s EXACTLY what I’ve needed, and wish I’d had one a long time ago. It gets used every single day and Isaac STILL complains when I have to take him out of it. We’re shopping for the footmuff for Isaac to see him through the winter (when the real test of time, weight and precision may come in to play – my joints suffer in cold weather), and are looking forward to travelling with it next year.

Thank, Maclaren Baby UK, you have been a LIFESAVER.

This product was sent to us for free to be reviewed. All views are my own (or Isaac’s) and have not been skewed or instigated by Maclaren)