Review – Meccano Kids Play

Meccano Kids Play – My first Meccano set! A building system specially developed for kids from 2 years old. Easily build colourful models with funny eyes! Clip the nut inside the part, clip another part… and it’s built! With a screwdriver just like Dad’s. Become a real mechanic and easily build a walking dog, a crazy dog or a long-billed bird!

Meccano recently offered parents a chance to review some of their products. Given Noah’s deep seated love of cars, I thought this might be good as something else to broaden his free play a little.

This kit is exactly what is says – a Meccano set for absolute beginners. I was really apprehensive, wondering if it would be too complicated for Noah, who, to be fair is 3 in two months, and he’d just get annoyed really quickly. Turns out I was very, very wrong.

Noah absolutely loved it, getting his fingers round all the pieces, which were really easy to assemble. He had some help from his dad creating the dog and the duck (which came with full, really easy-to-follow instructions), and loved seeing how the pieces fitted together regardless of end result – a nice bit of experimenting for him.

All the bits to the kit seemed to be just the right size for his hands, and so far he’s had loads of fun figuring out how different pieces can fit together. It was really easy for him to figure out how it all worked. There’s a reasonable number of pieces to keep him entertained, but not so many that he’s swamped for choice.

Since Noah’s had a play, Isaac (currently 18 months) has also had a play, and loves to try turning the screws with the chunky plastic screwdriver. He’s figured out that the pieces come apart, and again, they’re just the right size for his little chubby hands.

Having done a wee bit of research, this particular set can be found for £9.95, and other sets start as little as £4.95. Bargain! Very impressed, and I can certainly say there’ll be more of these in the Christmas stocking this year. Well done Meccano!

This is a review for a product sent to Noah for free. All views are my own (and those contributed from Noah!) and are not influenced in any way.

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