“The Land of Me” Review (Vlog, featuring The Smalls)

I’ve been reluctant to do reviews lately; PR companies are still getting in touch, but I’m going with “if it doesn’t interest/apply to me or The Smalls, or prove you haven’t read my blog by starting your email with ‘Dear Mocah Bean Mommy’ then you can bet I’m going to say no.”

Out of the blue, the very lovely Harry Jones got in touch with an email that started off “Hi Jay, I love your blog! I have been reading lots of parenting/kids blogs recently and found yours one of the most honest and humorous out there. Watching you, Noah and Isaac reviewing the Zingzilla’s album was hilarious!” Well, I couldn’t say no, could I?

Harry was offering the opportunity to review something called “The Land of Me”, an interactive, digital story book which you play with kids from 2 years old on a mac or PC. On downloading it to my MacBook Pro, my first reaction? Absolutely BRILLIANT. Remember those books you had as a kid where you could literally create your own story by choosing options as you went along? Well this is very much like that. Only a million times better and suitable for tiddlers up to as old as you dare push it. Literally like stepping in to a whole new world where the child has control, there’s so much interactive fun to be had.

One thing that struck me straight away was how this was helping Noah’s speech improve, and how (since doing the vlog) he was starting to recognise more words. Anything that can do that is a WIN in my book. Geeze, I could rave on about this for MONTHS.

But instead? Best just watch the vlog. :D

Interested? (You SHOULD be…) Here’s the info:

It is an interactive, digital story book which you play with young children on a mac or PC. It inspires creativity, conversation, fun and learning. There are six chapters to go adventuring in, covering subjects like Shape, Size and Colour, Rhythm & Dance and Story Time.

You can also discover over 100 free printable activities like masks to make, puzzles to complete and games to play. Unlike any other computer game for children, The Land of Me combines traditional illustration and animation with cutting edge technology to bring you an interactive, captivating learning experience that’s a lot of fun too!

The best thing to do is to check out the video on our homepage and just click ‘watch video’. The first chapter is free to download from our website. We also publish activity books and sell all 6 chapters as a DVD Rom for £29.95.

**This product was sent to me for free on the proviso it was to be reviewed and shown on this blog. And I’m glad I did, because me and The Smalls think it’s awesome.

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