Silent Sunday

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. I don't know the full details of your music story, but I feel a pang for you seeing the sheet music….boxed up? Are you happy about your music decisions? I hope so. HMSx

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Boxed up and going into storage. Am I happy? I think so. I'm too terrified to tell at the mo. x

  2. Such a stunning image – nothing like old music books and programmes, they always have such gorgeous typography!

    Jem xXx

    • These and old manuscripts can keep me amused for hours, particularly well-loved ones that have the marks of years of playing and use, the scribbles in the margins and around the staves… Fun! Though I am always reminded of a cartoon from New Scientist years ago. Mathematician sat reading the score to a Beethoven symphony, captioned "Good gracious, no. I don't listen to it!"

  3. Such a lovely sound, the cello.
    Like how you the linky favours us west coast USA folks now; still saturday night here!

  4. Ohhhh (if this is putting your concert music away).
    Hurray (if this is getting the music out of storage).
    Ohhhh (if this is getting ready to sell your music).
    Hurray (if is you getting your music out to pass on to another cellist).
    Have I covered all the bases there? If this is a wistful photo I hope you had a large glass/bottle of wine handy after taking it…. All the best xx

  5. fireflyphil says:

    Perhaps you'll unpack it one day and play it like never before – who knows? But to lay aside one passion to pursue another – a hard choice!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Maybe!! But you're exactly right. 2 incredibly strong passions, only room for one at the moment. And I'm rubbish at making choices!

  6. :'( Sending hugs. Xxxxxxx

  7. SAHMlovingit says:

    *sniff* I know how much they mean to you but I'm sure you'll use them again

  8. Bravo maestro! ;)


  9. So poignant and a touch sad, but they're not gone for good, only resting until you meet again :D

  10. I don't know all the details of your full musical story, but very poignant to see your sheet music boxed up…for good?

  11. Ahh, are you having a sort out? Memories hey! Don't throw it whatever you do. I know this is not an active part of your life anymore more but is still at huge part of your life's history and a beautiful talent that you possess. You should love and share it just for sheer fun at your choosing now. Would love to hear you play one day. x

  12. the route to a soul… you've stopped playing?

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      I have stopped. Played professionally up until February this year.

      • My Mum played professionally until 7months pregnant with me when she couldnt practise because I'd kick the back and it would echo through the cello! To this day, I've never heard her play :( If you love it, don't forget to love it just because, even if not for a purpose.
        A box to be treasured – and your kids will cherish it, too. x

        • mochabeaniemummy says:

          I hope someone will cherish it, whether it's me or The Smalls. And I'll keep hope alive for your mum to play again too. :) x

  13. Jenny Paulin says:

    Have you been putting these say or unpacking them again? Must be hard either way as they mean so much to you
    Very poignant photo x

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Putting them away; they've been sitting quietly in my music filing cabinet; now it's time to move them out of the way. Bit weird. But thank you. x

  14. There is so much emotion and meaning behind this photograph, you can feel it pouring out! I like what fireflyphil said about laying aside one passion to pursue another – you really do have great passion!

  15. I hope these aren't causing you too much trouble. All my opera pieces are in a box in the loft, but sometimes I hear them calling me.

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      What do you do when they're not just calling but absolutely yelling and screaming? That scares me a bit. x

  16. Boxes can be opened. X

  17. Now I understand the sadness- are you keeping them though?

  18. Oh no boxing up your music books, keep them safe as one day you may need or want them again…

  19. Hopefully just a temporary measure while you concentrate on your fab photography? Maybe in a while you'll play just for pleasure, just for yourself?

  20. tiddlyompompom says:

    Big slobbery kisses. That is all x

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Thank you. In light of our conversation the other day, this felt very weird to do, you know? xx

      • tiddlyompompom says:

        I'm sure it did. Remember there's no pressure to do anything. Do what you need to do, and at your own pace x

  21. What a poignant picture. I hope in the future you can go back to enjoying playing again xx

  22. This photo says a lot; the beauty of the music sheets but also some sadness seeing them stored away.

  23. A glimpse into another life. I hope it's not over.

  24. wow…that speaks volumes. Awesome.

  25. I'm sure a big metaphorical bow is being tied around that box. Ready to be opened like a gift in the future.

  26. Well if you weren't so darn talented then you wouldn't have to make the tough choices ;-)

  27. Llm calling says:

    Oh how that takes me back, I might spend a few hours this week reminiscing through my music

  28. What Tempest said. Hugs whatever the answer is. x

  29. Looks like a straightforward picture but it's generated so much discussion. I love the fact it's silent sunday so everyone can make up their own mind about what it's about.
    I love the colours – it really coordinates with the background of your blog!

  30. oh sweet heart *hugs* Are you not keeping them for the smalls? Or even just for memories?

  31. I read your post on waiting for IT to happen with photography, it will – I feel it in my bones and this photo has a sadness about it, a strong love but I don't think your music will ever leave you, it's in your heart.
    Gorgeous photo, it talks to me

  32. Fab. In so many ways. Love to you lady.

  33. Just a temporary rest while you make a proper space for it in your life. Like my sewing machine…

  34. minibreakmummy says:

    I've put all my Italian language stuff in a similar box. It makes me feel that I've made a positive decision to store it for now, rather than feeling guilty about it taking up space on my shelves. I'm about to lend some of it to my youngest sister who will be doing an Italian course this autumn. And then hopefully I can pick it up again in a year or so.

  35. Precious memories. Do you still play?

  36. theKitchenMechanic says:

    Having read your post this week, I hope this is a picture of a gift being opened rather than of one of things being packed away…

    Surprisingly emotional shot x

  37. Revisiting or recycling?

  38. A beautiful picture, Jay. Hang on to them, you never know what the future holds.


  39. Are you organizing piano music? My daughter has been playing for about 5 years. This year a young lady at church was moving and gave my daughter her piano. What a gift!!?? My daughter loves it. Happy Organizing!!?? :0)

  40. A perfect Silent Sunday, one that says so much. I see from all the comments that you're putting them away for now. I hope you find peace with it somehow. x

  41. There's something so lovely about music books. Love this pic! x

  42. Time to pack the past away? Sending ((hugs)).


  43. I saw on Twitter you had packed this stuff away. Hope it wasn't too hard a decision. Maybe one day soon they will be unpacked again

  44. Encore…

  45. wow what a strong picture. Something that was such a big part of your life being packed away. Hugs x


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