THE (yes, THE) Blogger Calendar HAS LANDED!

You know when you’re chatting to a mate and you come up with a WICKED idea, and you’re all “YEAHHHH!!!!! RAWWWRRR!!! AWESOMMMMME!!!!!!”

Well that’s exactly what Tara “Sticky Fingers” Cain and I did at the start of this year. We talked a bit about the blogs we’d found and liked to read, and wondered about “collecting” them all into one place, and finding the faces behind the blogs.

Thus, THE (yes, THE) Blogger Calendar was born.

Tara and I ran round like crazy people, trying to get everyone in the right place for their photos while the conference continued. Tara told people of for turning up at the wrong time, while I told people off for pulling faces at the camera and pointing the wrong way (I can see you when you stick your tongue out or hold a moustache to your face, y’know…). Then Tara liaised her PR skills and gained the support of online photo service Snapfish ( by HP who very generously offered to make the calendars for us and print 100 to distribute, while I edited people’s faces to make them look very silly, collected the best of the worst photos into my secret blackmail folder, and feverishly set about editing the “real” photos for the calendar.

Oh how I laughed.

By the way, Snapfish are the world’s largest online photo service with 85 million members, offering quality prints and unlimited photo sharing and storage. Which is pretty cool. (And they didn’t pay me to say that.)



First: post a photo of your blog’s inspiration. So, your baby/babies, where you live, your vegetable patch, your novel, your native flag, your phone – whatever you feel is the main subject of your blog.Whatever, it’s entirely up to you.

Second: Post a basic blog CV. In a fashion, it could describe why you chose the photo you did. Explain your blog, the who, the what, the why – your call.

Third: YAYYYY it’s a Linky. You need to do is add your post to the Linky below, either here or over at Sticky’s, and the first 100 in the Linky before 16th December will get themselves a calendar (postage is £1.99. Because you know, give a little, get a little). And you don’t even NEED to have appeared in the calendar to apply for one – it’s open to all! Awesome, yes?

Well it doesn’t end there. Snapfish are also offering you 50% (FIFTY PERCENT) off any of their calendars (excluding post and packaging) for readers of mocha beanie mummy and Sticky Fingers.

Head on over to the Snapfish site, design your calendar with their online tools, and then use the code TARAJAY at the checkout. Hurry up though, the offer is only valid until December 18, 2011. So go now. Go. Go!!

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  1. liveotherwise says:

    Wahey! And also Aargh. Because I'm in a train to London and it's going to be difficult to do the post before this evening…

  2. Whoop whoop! Thanks again to you and Tara for organising this x
    p.s. I love Snapfish (and I'm not just saying that) – I have used them every year for the past 3 years for calendars and gifts.

  3. Ooopsie, I thought it was closing at the end of Christmas eve ….. arg! Well, a very happy Christmas anyway, thanks for all your hard work, and here's the link anyway: x


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