For @TheBloggess and anyone who ever fought the fight against depression

Every so often, I sink.

Every so often, I think I’m done.

Every so often, I hurt myself.

Every so often, I die a little more inside.

Every so often, I give up the fight.

Every so often, I see someone else fighting.

Every so often, I see someone else surviving.

Every so often, I see someone else living.

Every so often, I close my eyes, cry tears so hard they’re virtually ripped from my bare soul, force myself to take another breath; to not die; to not simply stop existing; to not be consumed by a vastness so great, I don’t know if there is anything that could ever encompass it…

Every so often, I fight.

Silver Ribbon - Depression Awareness

In light of The Bloggess’ most recent post, I couldn’t help but create this. In light of so many people dying from what she talks about, from what I’ve talked about, I created this.

Jenny says,

I hope to one day I see a sea of people all wearing silver ribbons as a sign that they understand the secret battle and that they celebrate the victories made each day as we individually pull ourselves up out of our foxholes to see our scars heal, and to remember what the sun looks like.

Me? I hope one day that this battle is less secret. I hope one day this battle sees more victories. I hope we pull ourselves up and pull each other up. I hope our scars heal in the sun.

I hope to fight, survive and live.

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  1. I read Jenny's post last night and cried my eyes out, just like I have cried my eyes out for you. Keep up the fight and those ribbons are amazing!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Thank you Kat, I'm pretty sure the frillions of other people out there appreciate the support too. The ribbon just made sense, you know?

  2. eggsinarow says:

    Adding it to my blog…thank you!

  3. Thank you!
    Libby Lu

  4. thank you for writing this.

  5. tiddlyompompom says:

    I wish you didn't have to fight but I'm bloody glad you do. Big love to you xxx

  6. I found your blog after reading TheBloggess and I'm putting your ribbon on my blog too. Let's hope someday, it will be more accepted. Keep fighting, dear.

  7. Fight. Fight. FIGHT!

    I know that depression is a nasty beast, a monster that grips you from the inside, and it can be terrible. But I also know that the sun comes after the rain – and I want you, and everyone else diagnosed or not-officially-diagnosed to be able to see it. Each and every time.

    With love,
    Susan @WhyMommy

  8. Thank you for the ribbon. I've posted it to my blog in hopes that it will enlighten a few folk.

  9. I know you have plenty of other people to turn to, but if you do need to talk about it you can give me a shout. One day it will be accepted, I know it will. One day we will have recovered

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