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Isaac is learning to read. We’ve finally cracked that stage where, there’re not just random symbols, and he understands blending the sounds together. It’s really cool! It’s still mostly v-c words, but every so often he’ll nail the odd c-v-c word. It’s so bloody lovely to hear him do it, and especially that he’s doing it at a pace which works nicely for him. It’s a bit annoying that they don’t do any blending at nursery (but to be honest, nursery is a sore point with me at the mo..)

However, it’s safe to say that I can’t escape into Facebook or twitter on a 10 minute work break, without hearing “please can we read this story please mummy?”

It’s fucking awesome; I love that he does that. I remember learning to read early (not as early as him though) and being plunged into a world of Enid Blyton was one of the best things EVER. I think he’s the academic one. The kid will sit there and stare at books for AAAAAAGES.

Noah is reading just about everything in sight. It’s ACE. The boy has learned to read and is doing superbly well. If I’m honest, he’s doing better than I thought he would. For a little while, he hated it and would just clam up whenever someone said the word “phonics”. Now he’s all “check me out! I know what that says and I’mma READ IT RIGHT NOW.”

My favourite example of this, would have to be when he picked up a nursery rhyme book, and read aloud, “The… w-h-ee-l-s… Willies..On…The…Bus!”

I’m sure that makes for far more interesting reading.

However, I’m having to make the mental note of not leaving some of my stuff lying around. There’s not a lot to be concerned about; the odd business letter, maybe a manual for a camera which I’ll never read, or, a webpage I’ve left open, usually Amazon or (for the love of GOD) Ebay.

(If anyone knows of any Ebay therapy courses, I’d really appreciate the help. My quest for a decent Polaroid is becoming quite obsessive.)

I cannot stand people swearing in front of The Smalls, however I’ve never batted an eyelid to written swear words, since I know they can’t read them.

Might change a bit now that this (beloved) book (from a beloved friend) has entered my house.

f**k it

Thankfully, he’s not tried it out. Yet.

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  1. Love it. Do you know the Robin Williams sketch about children and swearing? We quote it often here.

    • mocha beanie mummy says:

      Heh, no I don’t, but I’ve a feeling I’d like to go and have a look for it! ;)

  2. wrighttimesblog says:

    Its great that the smalls are reading so well and taking an interest in reading. You must be really proud.
    The willies on the buss go round and round,lol. Mental images I don't need lol
    Whats the book ( in the photo ) about?

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Thanks, I am proud! It's great to see it happening. The book is basically about letting go of shit and quite literally just saying "fuck it, it's not worth sweating over any more". Something I can relate to quite a lot! It's a great read.

  3. lauracymft says:

    It's amazing when they start reading! When Z started reading I had to stop leaving books around, especially 50 shades, as he wanted to read everything. On valentines day, my OH had bought me a funny card that said he was going to punish me by much depravity in the bedroom. Z saw it and it was pretty hard explaining that one LOL

  4. says:

    Reading is fabulous. Opens doors to worlds of imagination – long may it last and great that they both love books.


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